What is ConnectSF?

ConnectSF is a multi-agency collaboration process to build an effective, equitable, and sustainable transportation system for our future. ConnectSF will be the City’s guiding framework to update the following transportation plans and projects:

  • ConnectSF Vision
    In 2017, the City embarked on a visioning process led by community input to define a 50-year vision of San Francisco’s future that will represent our priorities, goals, and aspirations as a city within the larger Bay Area.
  • Subway Vision
    This effort establishes a framework for expanding the subway network in San Francisco. Over 2,600 ideas were submitted from the community, with two groups of corridors emerging from the feedback to be further studied.
  • San Francisco Transportation Plan (SFTP) 2050
    The SFTP is the City’s 30-year plan to identify goals, needs, and investment priorities for our transportation system. It shapes the next generation of transportation projects and enhancements to improve the way people travel in and around San Francisco. Following a focused update to the 2013 SFTP, we will begin to identify investment priorities for the next 30 years. At the same time as the SFTP process, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) is also conducting their regional processes known as Horizon and Plan Bay Area 2050. Plan Bay Area is a long-range transportation plan for the Bay Area – essentially the equivalent of the SFTP. The projects prioritized in the SFTP will feed into Plan Bay Area.
  • Transit Corridors Study
    This study will identify, develop, assess, and prioritize transit projects to meet the 2050 goals for the transit network.
  • Streets and Freeways Study
    This study will identify a preferred long-range strategy that combines physical and operational concepts for the network of freeways and associated major arterials within San Francisco.
  • Transportation Element Update
    This effort represents an update to the Transportation Element of the San Francisco General Plan. The General Plan serves as the City’s guiding planning policy document, and the Transportation Element is intended to guide all transportation-related planning decisions in San Francisco.

Why is this necessary?

Building and managing complex transportation systems requires carefully coordinated planning many years in advance. Currently, there are many long-range transportation and land-use plans and projects – both within San Francisco and the region. ConnectSF will create a framework to:

  • Measure progress toward the future that will meet the needs and aspirations of our communities;
  • Make decisions and build needed transportation improvements more quickly;
  • Secure more funding from regional, state, and federal sources; and
  • Identify possible solutions to the challenges we see today, including congestion, traffic safety, equity, accessibility and connectivity.


Why should I get involved?

ConnectSF asks: What does the future of San Francisco transportation look like to you?
Transportation affects everyone’s daily lives; whether you walk, drive, carpool, car-share, bike, or take public transit. The decisions we make today will have lasting effects for generations to come – just as projects of the past affect our daily lives now. The more we learn about the priorities, concerns, and challenges of today’s San Franciscans, the better we can prepare for our future.

How can I get involved?

There will be many opportunities to learn more about Connect SF and to tell us what you want for the future of transportation in San Francisco. Please check our our Community Events page. Questions? Contact us at connectsf@sfgov.org or sign up for email news and updates.

But San Francisco has transportation problems that need to be addressed now. Why aren’t you working on that?

We are! ConnectSF builds upon transportation improvement initiatives that are already underway: Muni Forward, safety and reliability improvements, street improvements in support of Vision Zero, the Central Subway, Van Ness Improvement Project, new transit vehicles to replace aging fleets, new Transbay Transit Center, electrified Caltrain, new transit-friendly development… The list goes on.


What are you doing to address equity?

One of the ways in which ConnectSF is addressing equity is through an internal group called the Racial Equity and Inclusion Committee (REIC), which has staff representation from all three ConnectSF agencies. This group aims to increase participation of underrepresented groups, develop relationships with community leaders and underrepresented groups, and guide the decision-making process to improve equity outcomes. Using the Racial Equity Toolkit from the Government Alliance on Race and Equity as a framework, REIC will build steps into ConnectSF’s studies and activities to ensure that issues related to equity are being considered. The REIC will also continue to identify and/or liaise with groups and community-based organizations that have not historically been involved in the transportation planning process and will add members to the Futures Task Force when feasible.


What comes next?

More information about ConnectSF is coming soon, including many opportunities for you to get involved and help us decide how to create the best vision for the future of San Francisco. Sign up for email news and updates.


Who is leading ConnectSF?

ConnectSF is a collaborative effort facilitated by the San Francisco Planning Department, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA), and the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD).