ConnectSF is a multi-agency collaboration process to build an effective, equitable and sustainable transportation system for our future. ConnectSF will be the City’s guiding framework for creating or updating the following transportation plans and projects.


Vision Phase

ConnectSF Vision Phase

In 2017, the City will embark on a visioning process led by community input to define a 50-year vision of San Francisco’s future that will represent our priorities, goals, and aspirations as a city within the larger Bay Area.

Subway Vision

Subway Vision

This effort establishes a framework for expanding the subway network in San Francisco. Over 2,600 ideas were submitted from the community, with two groups of corridors emerging from the feedback to be further studied.

Subway Vision

San Francisco Transportation Plan 2050 cover

San Francisco Transportation Plan (SFTP) 2050

The SFTP is the City’s 30-year plan to identify goals, needs, and investment priorities for our transportation system. It shapes the next generation of transportation projects and enhancements to improve the way people travel in and around San Francisco. Following a focused update to the 2013 SFTP, we will begin to identify investment priorities for the next 30 years.

Transit Modal Concept Study

Transit Modal Concept Study

This study will identify, develop, assess and prioritize transit projects to meet the 2050 goals for the transit network.

Freeway and Street Traffic Management

Freeway and Street Traffic Management Strategy

This study will identify a preferred long-range strategy that combines physical and operational concepts for the network of freeways and associated major arterials within San Francisco.

Transportation Element

Transportation Element Update

This effort represents an update to the Transportation Element of the San Francisco General Plan. The General Plan serves as the City’s guiding planning policy document, and the Transportation Element is intended to guide all transportation-related planning decisions in San Francisco.