What is ConnectSF?

What is ConnectSF?

ConnectSF is the City’s integrated program to plan for its long-range transportation needs. It identifies major transportation investments, land use opportunities, and policies to help San Francisco reach its priorities, goals, and aspirations as a city.

Photo by Jeremy Menzies / SFMTA

Four key questions define ConnectSF’s approach. To answer these questions, we engaged with members of the public, community groups, and others to understand existing conditions and needs; develop and evaluate transportation concepts; and make recommendations based on public feedback and technical analysis.

Phase 1


1. What do we want San Francisco to be in the future?


Vision »

Phase 2


2. What do we need to get to our vision for the future? What are the implications for land use, street design, and transportation in San Francisco?

a. What are those needs? Where are those needs? What interventions and travel options are needed to achieve those needs?

b. What projects or policies are needed for specific modes?

Phase 3


3. What are our priorities and implementation strategy?

4. What transportation and land use policies do we need to reach our vision?

Photo of new transit and bike lanes on Portero Avenue, 2019

Transit Strategy

Learn more about the capital improvements that San Francisco will be prioritizing for transit over the next three decades. Read the Transit Strategy »

Image of intersection at Market Street and Van Ness Avenue

Streets and Freeways Strategy

This effort identifies five strategies to address the City’s challenges for its streets and freeways. Read the Streets and Freeways Strategy »

Contact us

Have a question about ConnectSF? Email us at: connectsf@sfgov.org