ConnectSF is a multi-agency collaborative process to build an effective, equitable, and sustainable transportation system for San Francisco’s future.

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ConnectSF Transportation Planning Program


After the development of the 2065 Vision, we are providing more detail on the needs and challenges of our current transportation system given the projects we already have planned.

The Statement of Needs is part of our current stage of work, which also includes starting to work on the San Francisco Transportation Plan (SFTP) and the Transportation Element of the city’s General Plan. The SFTP and Transportation Element will be informed by studies focused on planning for long-range project concepts for our transit, streets, and freeways networks. The priorities established in the SFTP influence Plan Bay Area, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s long-range transportation plan and sustainable communities strategy for the Bay Area.

ConnectSF will be collecting feedback from the public. Please visit the Events Calendar page for upcoming public outreach opportunities and sign up for email updates.

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San Francisco in the Future

When we think about the future of transportation, we want projects to respond to current and future needs. To understand the needs of the future, we’re using a data driven approach to predict the changes San Francisco will see by 2050. The six maps linked in this Data Dashboard represent six of the many ways we believe the city will change over the next three decades. This information will help us plan transportation projects that can serve our needs.

Using advanced modeling systems, we use known data to drive these estimates of our city’s future. In each map, click the “What is this?” button to learn more about:

  • What data the map shows
  • What data sources we are using or what  assumptions we are making to make the map

Each map provides a place for your feedback to the question, “What do you think are the city’s transportation needs?”


San Francisco Transportation Needs Analysis: Population and Jobs

Population and Jobs

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San Francisco Transportation Needs Analysis: Jobs Accessibility

Jobs Accessibility

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San Francisco Transportation Needs Analysis: Travel Time

Travel Time

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San Francisco Transportation Needs Analysis: Transit Crowding

Transit Crowding

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San Francisco Transportation Needs Analysis: Vehicle Miles Traveled

Vehicle Miles Traveled

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San Francisco Transportation Needs Analysis: Trip Patterns

Trip Patterns

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