City streets and state highways and freeways play a critical role in moving people by foot, bicycle, transit, and car. The ConnectSF team is developing a strategy for these systems focused on identifying how they can best support the City’s transit first, vision zero, climate change, and equity goals.

In the coming months, we will be looking for input on a streets and freeway strategy that will include investments on our roadways to encourage walking and biking, improvements to freeway ramps and crossings, and strategies to improve transit and the movement of people on the city’s freeways and highways.

The Streets and Freeways Study, along with the Transit Corridors Study, will help address San Francisco’s transportation needs and move the city closer to the ConnectSF vision for the future.

ConnectSF Components

ConnectSF is a multi-agency collaborative process to build an effective, equitable, and sustainable transportation system for San Francisco’s future.

ConnectSF process infographic
ConnectSF Transportation Planning Program


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