“Transit in America continues to grow, carrying 10.5 billion trips in 2015, and adding new lines and systems every year, yet the symptoms of overdue maintenance and underinvestment have never been clearer.”


Infrastructure Report Card 2017

Critical infrastructure in San Francisco is reaching the end of its useful life:

  • Over 300 miles of the sewer system is at least 100 years old and not designed to withstand seismic activity.
  • Pavements in the City’s nearly 13,000 blocks are rated in aggregate as “at-risk,” according to the Pavement Condition Index, 2017.
  • Bay Area agencies are working together on a “core capacity” study aimed at addressing increasingly crowded public transit to downtown San Francisco, much of which is dependent on a system that is over 40 years old.

A significant level of investment is needed in the near future as a result of a general lack of funding for maintenance in the past.