“Curiosity is much more effective than being right.”

Lucinda Garthwaite, Lead Partner at ChangeMakers Partners


Critical to our success is improving how we think together, work together, and plan together for the future in a rapidly changing context. Below are some resources that will do just that, while providing more context for why we have chosen this approach to visioning.


Scenario Planning


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Futures Thinking


Foresight & Forecasting

Recent research from Philip Tetlock, co-author of and co-founder of the Good Judgment Project, is popularizing and clarifying foresight and forecasting.



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Cross-Sector Collaboration

A key outcome of Connect SF is better collaboration to co-create the future we want. New research reveals surprising truths about why some collaborations thrive and others falter. New methods, like the U process , also represent a codified theory and set of practices to leading systemic change around intractable issues.



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