“The tech industry is in for a sea change, leading to a potential tripling of demand for tech-related goods and services over the next decade.”

Tim Bajarin, Time

Advances in computation have exploded since the invention of the modern computer in the mid-20th Century. A similar speed of innovation can be observed in the changes in vehicle technology, be it the expansion of automated processes, the introduction of new safety features, or the increasing role of computers in vehicle function. With computation innovations have come pervasive information and “democratization” of data. For example, advances in mobile mapping have fundamentally altered the way people perceive space. Technological innovations will only continue in the coming decades with even wider implications for daily life. With these advancements, transportation could change substantially with a shift from ownership to app-based services, the rise of robot and/or drone delivery, and the greater use and integration of data in everyday travel decision-making.